How to deal with bad days and depressing feelings?




We all have bad days. Don’t we? Sometimes due to friendship issues, betrayals, relationship issues or just a bad day at school, college or work, we feel bad, and it is kind of a negative feeling. Some talk about it and let it go, but there are some people who hold it back, keep it to themselves and then this feeling haunt them, torture them. Well if we handle this in a right and correct way it will surely be helpful but if we don’t it can transform into a serious depression. 

So here we are not talking about the Depression as I am not an expert in that field. But yes we are talking about a bad day and feeling depressed. So there are the days when everything around you crashes. For ex. On the same day having fight with friends when you get a bad grade or having a fight with your parents, and teacher scolding you on the same day. Or not getting attention from a person you want and getting hurt by falling on a same day or so. 

Sometimes the environment around us changes and then we take time to cope up with it or adjust with the situation. For ex. Transfering to another city or getting into a hostel for the first time or best friend getting transferred or something like this. Sometimes getting betrayal from friends or the person you like might cause you such feeling. There might be N number of reasons but all of them affect you in some or the other way. The question is how to deal with it on a right time? 

So guys let me tell you, You are not alone. We all have such feelings, down side into the emotional zone and it is completely ok to not be ok sometimes. All you can do is.. : 

1. Talk about is : Whatever is bothering you talk about it. Even if it is just a bad day, talk about it. Have a conversation with the person you are comfortable with. It can be your friend, your siblings, your cousins, your parents, your partner anyone. Just make sure that person is trustworthy and will not use your emotions for their own good or just for the sake of fun. Whatever it is talk about it. Do not hold it back, Do not keep it to yourself after a point. I do understand there are people who do not like to express or share feelings. But trust me it helps. Even if it is just a bad day, or just an incident that is bothering you. Just talk it out and You will feel better. 

2. Make a timeframe :
Well.. make a timeframe. Like if this issue is not going to matter to me in the next 5 days or next 5 months or a year or so then I should not give a damn about it. So if a particular thing is making a difference for you on a long term basis then you need to think about is. Otherwise it is just a phase and you should just not think about it. I know it is difficult but trust me this method helps. 

3. Developing a Positive approach : Well this is a process and it can take time. But once you master it, it will help you for life long. Every coin has two sides, but always keeping a positive approach gives your mind the energy to deal with negative feelings, Anxiety or irritation. To reach this level one needs to have patience but once you are here half of your problems are solved. Because once you always think positive, you can easily divert your negative feelings. (Being positive does not mean that you don’t feel negativity.) Being positive helps you to become a happy person and a happy person deals all the issues with a lot more positivity which is always a win win thing. 


4. Do whatever makes you happy for the time being : So if you are totally in a very bad mood and do not want to talk to anyone or just want to be alone. Be it. Just while being alone do not keep on thinking about the bad things that happened or the bad day that you had. Do something that makes you happy. Like listening to songs, Painting, Dance like nobody's watching, Watching cartoons, doodling, reading, writing or anything that makes you happy. It will divert your thoughts, and will bring out the positive side of you. 


Depression is a very serious thing. Sometimes we are not in depression we just feel negative about things that are going on in our lives, or not getting what we want or as I said just having a bad day. Trust me change is the only constant, Time changes and good things do come up. Try these small things to turn your bad day into a fun day or just a good day. While going to sleep everyone should feel happy and blessed for the life they get. No negative feeling is allowed in bed. So just be Happy and everything will be Happy.. 

- Niharika Pole Sarwate