Social Media : What will you choose?


now a days the whole world is divided into 2 parts. Social media lovers and Anti Social media people. The people who falls into the first category loves to express on social media, for example Sharing their own photographs, expressing what they love, sharing their wedding, pre-wedding, engagement or family photographs and what not. The people who falls into the second category do not like to express themselves or Share things about their personal lives with 200 or so people on the internet. They like to keep it private and confidential.

Personally I respect both kinds of people. The problem I have is the judgements about both the categories. I have read some conversation on various whatsapp groups of mine about the first category, from saying that “why people want to show off, why they want to always be on the internet.” to “These people have nothing to do, they are worthless, ohh god so much show off. sharing couple pics doesn’t look good, why you want to share your personal life with 100 people and all.. Let me tell you may be that is not the case. I have followed and saw some great personal bloggers such as Mom Dad Travel and Mama shenoy… who spread so much positivity and happiness through their blogs and posts on Facebook and Instagram. They share their personal pics, stories about their love life or about their kids, they tell you about their travel stories and much more and you feel sooo happy after reading those posts. So there are so many people who are spreading joy and happiness through their posts, and personal Sharings. So before coming on conclusion that people wants to show off or they have nothing to do we need to understand that they are comfortable with this public appearance and there are some expressive people who loves to express socially and there is nothing bad in that.


Similarly about second category. There are some people who don't want to share their personal life and it is completely fine. they are not rude, they are not antisocial they are not too busy or anything like that they are just not comfortable or they are just private people and we must respect that.

So I just want to say that there are already so many haters and negative people on social media who are spreading only negativity, and here are some people who are inspiring others from their personal life and their family or their love for their partners. We must respect it. they are the one who are spreading joy and happiness over the internet.

Similarly we need to take care of what we are sharing and with whom we are sharing from the Cyber Security point of view. I personally share my personal stories with only my friends and family and people whom I know.

Before passing any judgements we just need to understand why people are presenting themselves on Social Media or why they are not doing it so. Now a days Social Media has such a great power you can turn into positive or negative by your choice. I have been working in the field of Social Media or New Media since last 3 years, and I choose to spread love, joy and happiness through all my posts. With care we can make this platform as a better place. Stop judgements and enjoy positivity.

- Niharika Pole Sarwate