It's high time.. we should stop it now.. "Body shaming"



The definition of body shaming is the practice of making critical, potentially humiliating comments about a person's body size or weight. An example of body shaming is telling a child that they are "too fat." An example of body shaming is when thin women are told they are "too skinny."

But people now a days don’t feel that it’s an offensive act. We don’t even realize that saying this can cause serious mental trauma to the person going through this situation. Complimenting someone that, “you are beautiful”. What is the true meaning of being beautiful? Everything under the sky is beautiful. It is the gift of nature, gift of god. Every single creature is beautiful in its own way.

The differentiation is created by us. We have set certain rules in the society for being called as beautiful. So, all these shaming starts from here. The mindset!

Is it that difficult to change our mindset? I will say YES.. Because, it has never changed. It has passed on like a tradition. We practice such kind of thoughts and also we encourage them. Each one of us have faced this situation in some point of our lives. Bullying one can harm him/her till such extend that they have tried to suicide or killed someone to seek revenge. Is this a part of healthy social and mental life? Definitely not! Being tall, short, fair, dark, fat or skinny maybe any body type. No one in this world can decide your worth, only you can. I believe, beauty lies in your soul.


No one has escaped from being body shammed. For that matter in India, people have obsession with fair complexion. Only fair people are considered talented, good looking, successful etc. remember I mentioned the word ‘considered’ that doesn’t mean that they actually are! This can differ person to person. All of this is taken into account especially when one is going to a job interview or getting married. Again I will throw some light on social media. It is the playing a key role in bullying people or for that matter trolling one another. Film stars, politician, sports players are the main target. These people who start trolling or shamming don’t have faces. They are the one who are cowards and hiding behind.


I feel that we should change. But, the change should be for us and not for the sake of society. There are few things I want to mention here which are very important about what actually we can change and what we cannot.



Take me for example. I am a girl 25 yrs old, 5’1” is my height, I have a fair complexion and I have a skinny to normal body type. What all things I can change in me is I can gain some weight. I cannot change my complexion, nor my height.


I have heard a lot of comments about my height and weight. People only discussing about people. OMG she doesn’t look her age. Look at her she is so skinny. Why don’t you wear heels? Don’t you eat food? Do you survive on air?


Short dresses won’t suit a skinny girl. Oooohhh girl!!! Hold on tight you will fly away with the wind. You are such a short girl, who will marry you? Your younger ones are taller than you. Haven’t you tried the height growing formula? And the list is never ending.


But have any of us gave a little thought to what are we saying to others? Practically thinking, can I even change this? The answer is simply NO. This is the god gift which I have and I am happy with it. So why do people say these things? Now, we again come down to the initial stage that, is it the fixed mindset of the society. Which makes everyone of us to say these cruel and brutal things to one another.


In my experience no one has ever come to me and discussed new ideas, current affairs, politics, history and all the interesting topic under the sun. “Eleanor Roosevelt Quotes – “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”



It’s upon us to decide what category we fall under. I think some people are bringing the change and some are being adamant. I am happy that the change has begun. If not so then, On July 16, in the National Theater of Santo Domingo, Janelle Commissiong was crowned Miss Universe, attracting international attention as the first black winner in the chronology of Miss Universe. During her reign, she was an advocate for black rights and world peace. She wouldn’t have been successful.


Don’t pay attention towards any advertisements and commercials who promote a certain school of thoughts. I just want to say – “Darling judge me when you are perfect!”


Be confident, feel happy, be care free. Always remember your happiness is in your hands. Spread love. Respect everyone around.


Be kind and sensitive to the world. Inner peace is what matters at the end. Do good and good will come to you! 

Some lines I heard somewhere I don’t remember but these touched my heart.

Dilo ki baat karta hai zamana, par mohabatein aaj bhi chehre se shuru hoti hai.

Like I always say – ‘it’s all in mind’

- Komal Doiphode