Life being an Architect



Many of you might be wondering why I might have chosen this topic today. Don’t really think about it way too seriously. It’s just a way to share a sneak peek of what exactly it feels to be an architect.


It’s just going to be some relatable stuff to all my architects out there. Stay with me till the end. Sharing some Memes with you here. Hope you can connect. 

It all started in 2009 – 2010 when I dreamt about being an architect. I worked towards my dream and my ambitious. Finally, I got into perusing architecture. I was always interested in creating new things and also in love with art all through my life. I had an idea that it’s going to be difficult. Then I realized that it’s not only difficult it is toughest course. Awarded by the Guinness book of world record, for engaging students in studies for maximum working hours.



From there in 2012 I started with my journey to become an architect. Slowly I realized that it’s a blend of everything we see, observe think, create, feel, need etc. Architecture is an art of life, where our imagination is converted into reality.

Here, I learnt that nothing is wrong or right. Each question can have 100 different answers and none of it can be count as incorrect one! This is the most unique thing which used to amuse me every time I did an assignment. I had entered an entirely distinct world in itself. This world existed 1st when the mankind did. It is always very closely related to nature. We can draw every inspiration from the nature.

Ar. Komal Doiphode 


I knew it was going to be a challenging job. But, I had to complete my dream. So I took the first step towards this vast and fascinating life which I was totally ready to embrace. Now, I will share the fun and exciting part of an architect’s life which keeps us going. Our designing studios, teachers, classes, interesting books, interactive sessions, out of the box design briefs, site visits, study tours, model making made it so worth completing the task. Off course how can we forget our group work! We can never forget our pre submission nights, the deadlines, the quality and quantity of work we did. Those sleepless nights gave us a sense of responsibility and justice to our work may it be any time in our life. We learnt that ‘god is in the details’ – a very famous quote by Ludwing Mies van der rohe. Don’t leave your work until you find it to the perfection level. Basically an architect is a person who is multi-talented and also multitasking.

Management skills are always on point. Finally going through every phase of being in an architectural institute I passed out from my college. I graduated, now it was the time to face the real world. I had to learn how actually architecture is practiced out there. It seemed arduous but I had to find a way to learn. Internship in the final year gave me a short experience of the life I am going to live in the future as an architect. 


We are social reformers in many different ways. Innovation and changing trends have taken a big toll on us. It tests our capabilities every now and then. But I also find it more challenging to change a certain type of mindset of the society towards architects. Even today people feel that while constructing any structure or anything or that sort they don’t feel the need to appoint an architect which is absolutely important. Clients sometimes asks us to do free designing for them which is totally unethical. We charge for our thoughts, the thinking process, and the user friendly approach which we can provide you. The job is not easy. I feel that clients still sometimes don’t trust the architect and his way of working. They try to guide him/her as per their needs. Architecture is a team work. It is all inter connected and inter dependent on the various social factors. One Architect can possibly create many job opportunities for various working class in the society. Now a days people who are not certified architects also take up the job, I request you all not to fall prey to these mal practitioners.


There is an open and authentic way to find out whether a person is a certified architect or not. We get a registration number from COA – Council of Architecture, India. New Delhi. Where they provide a complete information about a person claiming that he/she is an architect. The website is


Please go to this website if you have any doubt about the architect to whom you are appointing to do your respected project.

Me being a female architect there are many challenges I face but at the same time the support of my team and clients make me work passionately every day. Here is it!!! It’s not easy being an architect but at the same time it’s the most exciting and amazing life anyone can dream of.

Every profession is great in it’s own way but I am biased towards mine.

- Komal Doiphode