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Do You Want To Start Your Online Business? If Yes! This Is The First Step

Quick Questions: Are you new to this content industry? Or Do you struggle in creating content for social media? Or Do you want to start your own online business? Or Do you want to start a side hustle, while doing your 9-5 job and don’t really know how to start with it? Or Do you want to get premium clients as a freelancer or as a digital marketer?..

Are Communication Skills Really Important?

Quick Questions: What are communication skills? Why do we need to have good communication skills? Is it really important to have good communication skills? And, if yes! Then how this skill beneficial for us? And How can we improve communication skills?..

Don’t be super harsh on yourself…!

Hey you, yes you who is reading this.. I want to tell you something, that you are being super harsh on yourself. Every day you are blaming yourself for not being the best, for not achieving your goals, for not winning that one match, or for failing in your exams, or just not fulfilling other’s expectations. I just want to tell you that you are doing your best, and you do not deserve this hatred from yourself. ..

Google Fun Tricks that You Should Try Immediately!

Google has become one of the most important parts of everyone’s life. Whenever we want to search for something the first thing that comes to our mind is that, ‘let’s google it!’. For many of us, the internet is google and google is the internet. There are many google searches, tricks, fun games, that google has in its search engine. For years Google has built these fun trick searches and hidden Easter eggs into its services and search engines. They don’t really serve much of a purpose for users but ..

How to Stay Motivated Every Day?

Quick Questions: Do you have a lack of motivation when you get up early in the morning? Or Do you feel demotivated on some days? Or Are you finding that you are extremely motivated on certain days ready to conquer the day and let others know that you are here but yet finding a lack of motivation in yourself? If the answer is YES, here are some ways to keep yourself motivated every day...

Quotes By Swami Vivekananda that Continue to Inspire Us!

Swami Vivekananda was an intellect and a spiritual leader. He was born as Narendra Dutta on 12th January 1863 and was considered one of the main saints of India. Swami Vivekananda was the chief disciple of 19th-century mystic and Yogi Ramakrishna Paramhasana. He was best known in the United States for his outstanding speech to the World’s Parliament of Religions. In his speech, he introduces Hinduism to America and urged for religious liberality and an end of fanaticism...

Post-Workout Nutrition: What To Eat After Workout?

A workout should be an essential part of everyone's life, be it for small kids or elder people, it is equally important for one and all. The workout which we do and what type of food we eat defines our fitness, and currently, if we look at the lifestyle we follow, fitness should be our priority...

महाराष्ट्र जपतय किल्ल्यांची परंपरा

भारत भर आपल्याला निरनिराळ्या पद्धतीने दिवाळ सण साजरा झाल्याचा पाहायला मिळते. खरे तर हे आपल्या भूमीला मिळालेले एक वरदानच म्हणावे लागेल. अगदी देशाचे तर राहू द्या, पण परस्पर राज्यांमध्ये देखील आपल्याला या सणांबद्दल खूप विविधता पाहायला मिळते. ..

Top 3 Instagram-Worthy Cafes in Pune

Instagram is one place where everyone shows their best self, and wants to make their feed and their stories as aesthetic and curated as possible. Everyone puts in a lot of effort to make their feed match their personal aesthetic and style. Some do that by posting pictures of them, some post pictures of nature, and some do that by going to aesthetic cafes and restaurants and taking pictures of that place to add to the beauty of their feed. As they say, Instagram is the highlight reel of everyone’s ..

Did you know Helium was born in India?

India has always been known as the land of sciences since ancient time. It was only after foreign invasions that we lost our status in the world. But India has many tales of science from the past which today not many of us are aware about. On the occasion of World Science Day, let us look back in the chapters of history and learn about one such tale of science which is related to India, but most of us don't know about...

7 hilarious architecture meme:

Memes are for life. It kept us alive during this pandemic days, scroll through instagram you will find meme on anything and everything from IPL to corona, from movies dialogue to songs these creators can make us laugh on everything...

Inspirational Quotes by Sarojini Naidu:-

Sarojini Naidu was born on 13 February 1879 in Hyderabad. She is known as the “Nightingale of India” or “Bharatiya Kokila” because of her major contribution to the field of poetry. She played a very crucial role in India’s freedom struggle and also promoted women’s rights. She was a politician and a great poet...

Other Side of the Kashmir Story

Issues of Kashmir and the Kashmiri people has always been a 'cool' topic to have a dicsussion on the College Katta. Everyone has a strong opinion about the things happening in Kashmir, without visiting the place and without actually knowing what the Kashmiris feel, totally based on what the mainstream media shows us. But while focusing on that picture, we often fail to see what the ground reality would be in Kashmir...

Science Behind Wearing a Bindi/Tilak

Bindi is a coloured dot worn on the forehead in the centre of the eyebrows mainly by Hindus and Jains. The term bindi is originated from a Sanskrit word ‘Bindu’ which appears in the earliest known Sanskrit text of Rigveda. In ancient traditions, both men and women wore a tilak or bindi on their forehead and each time when they wash their face, they wore a new bindi/Tilak. It also has cultural and historical value in India...

Standing out for the Identity

Each state of India nurtures various arts and practices which eventually constitute to be the identity of the state. To enhance these arts and practices at a global level and to channel their output economically as well, some of these are endowed with GI tags by the Indian government. Every year several items of unique characteristics are given the GI tags...

“The Social Dilemma”- An Overview

The Social Dilemma” is a combination of documentary and drama on Netflix in which tech experts explore the dangerous human impact of social networking sounding the alarm on their own creation . Movie mainly depicts that the world in which people are living is not actually real , but a massive computer simulation where the human beings are controlled by machines i.e. ‘The AI’ ( Artificial Intelligence)...

Remarkable Stamps of Indian Post

World Post Day is celebrated globally on Oct 9 followed by National Post Day celebrated in India on Oct 10. The reason we celebrate this day as World Post Day is because the Union Postal Union was established on the same date in 1874 in Bern. But the celebration only started after 1969 in Tokyo when the day was announced as the International Post Day...

Why Are Students Turning to Addictions to Deal with Stress?

With all the Bollywood and drugs buzz going on, the real face of the consumption of drug use in Maharashtra is finally coming into the limelight...

विज्ञान में रुचि रखने वाले नन्हें मित्रों के लिये ये खास पत्र !!!

आपको आज मै ये पत्र एक विशेष निमित्त से लिख रही हूं। ज्ञान वर्धन हर बच्चे का अधिकार है परन्तु कई बार सही मार्गदर्शन मिलता बहुत कठिन हो जाता है। हमारे भारतवर्ष में अनेकों महान वैज्ञानिक हुए जिनके बारे में हमें कोई ज्यादा जानकारी नहीं देता। हम यदि किसी वैज्ञानिक से बात करना चाहे तो हम उन तक पहुंच नहीं पाते | आपको इन सभी कारणों से परेशान होने की अब कोई ज़रूरत नहीं। है ना खुशी की बात?..

Dialouges from Munna Bhai M.B.B.S to Get You Through Some Tough College Days

College can be stressful times. No, college time is a stressful time but we’ve got your back as we bring you some iconic dialogues from Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. to remind you that ‘This too shall pass.’..

Things That You Probably Didn’t Know Were Invented in India

Did you know that the famous Oscar winning actor Ben Kingsley who acted in movies like the Schindler’s List, Shutter Island, Hugo is actually from an Indian origin? Yes, his birth name is Krishna Pandit Bhanji. India has contributed many such big and small things to the world that we see everywhere. Here are a few things that you probably didn’t know were ‘Made in India’-..

Every Indian President till 2020

India has a rich and diverse history and we as a democratic country have come a long way after conquering the British rule. ..

Things to Keep in Mind When Going to Study Abroad

Going to study abroad can be an exciting and life-changing experience. You step out of your house on your path towards independence into a completely different world. Your surroundings change, culture changes, food, habits and lifestyle. While it may seem daunting to step out of your comfort zone, it can be a liberating experience that everyone should experience at least once in their life...

Appreciation Post for all People that Made College Life Easier

College life in itself is a revolutionary period in anyone’s life. From juggling social life to completing deadlines, it sure is an exciting rollercoaster. But, it would be a little bit more difficult if it weren’t for these people-..

Does an Exam Decide the Value of Your Life?

Although most people earnestly started getting back into the preparation zone, the sudden news turned out to be pressure-some for a few people. Any form of examination where you have to display your skills and calibre with no guarantee of a fixed outcome can be stressful, but is it more important than your entire life? Just a few days before the examination, a news broke out that a 19-year-old medical aspirant from Madurai took her own life because she was ‘tired of the expectations put on her.’ ..

She Left Home After Being Pressurized to Get Married. 7 Years Later, She is Now a PCS Officer!

All of us have many dreams in our life that give us hope and drive us to work hard to achieve it. But how far would you go to achieve them??..

10 Thought-Provoking Ted Talks That You Need to Watch

Did you know that the organization TED which organizes the infamous Ted-Talks existed even before the internet? ‘Technology, Entertainment and Design’ a.k.a. TED is a non-profit organization which was formed by architect Richard Saul Wurman in February 1984...


Many people have many mixed reviews when it comes to college or studying. Some people eagerly look forward to it, while others get a frown on their faces as soon as the topic arises. But one thing that unites most of these categories are the ‘College Fests.’..


With that as the agenda, here’s presenting 10 movies from the major film industries in the world in the hopes of inspiring you or maybe just to help you relate...

Millennial Minds :Is it completely okay to not to have a career plan?

There are so many people right now thinking about their career, their future and getting tensed about the fact that they don’t have a defined career plan or they don’t know what to do, Also they don’t know what is going to happen in the future looking at current scenario (COVID Pandemic) situation. But I want to tell them it is completely fine if you don’t have a defined career plan as of now. It is always okay until and unless you want to do something in life, and you want to achieve big heights. ..

' Those Pricey Thakur Girls' : Have you read this yet?

This story starts in the bungalow situated in New Delhi's posh area Hailey road, where Lakshmi Narayana Thakur (LN) and his wife Mamta live with their beautiful but troublesome five daughters whose names start alphabetically. Anjini, who is not happy with her marriage, Binodini, who is worried about her hissa in the family property, Chandrakanta who eloped with a foreigner on her wedding day, Debjani who is an English newsreader in DD news and Eshwari, who is too popular at Modern school..

कॉलेज लाईफ मिस करताय ? मग आजच करा हे !!!

असं म्हणतात कॉलेज लाईफ म्हणजे माणसाच्या आयुष्यातील सगळ्याक सुवर्ण काळ | केअरफ्री आयुष्य, जगाची चिंता नाही, मित्रांसोबतची मज्जा, करिअरचं थोडंसं टेंशन, आणि एकूणच तुम्ही या आयुष्यात मुक्तपणे जे जे करू शकता, ते सर्व तुम्ही या काळात करु शकता. आणि नक्कीच हा काळ निघून गेल्यानंतर तुम्ही हा काळ मिस करत असाल. आणि लॉकडाउनच्या काळात तर विशेष करून तुम्हाला तुमचा हा केअरफ्री सुवर्ण काळ नक्कीच आठवत असणार, तसं असेल तर आजच करा हे....

Cricket Unabridged : A young talent in cricket "Jainil"

The entire world has come to a standstill because of the grappling effect of the Covid:19 virus. Every business and industry has taken a major hit in the world and so has the sporting industry. All forms of sports have been temporarily on halt since the deadly virus enveloped our globe. Cricket too has been on a hiatus since mid-March. But that doesn't prevent us from being engaged in some cricket content, right? So we have decided to start a new cricket podcast series where we shall be taking interviews ..

Celebrations in the time of Covid-19

Remember the time when we used to plan dinners and outings every time, we had any reason to celebrate? It seems like such a long time ago. Since the pandemic of COVID-19 has brought along lockdown, we have been confined to the spaces of our houses, but this hasn’t put a damper on the way we celebrate functions, birthday, anniversaries and so many other events. Yes, we have had to get creative with the ways in which we do this but even the lockdown hasn’t been able to curb human enthusiasm and zest ..

ये पाँच आदतें.. जिसपर लॉकडाउन का असर ना होने दें..

वैसे तो अब लॉकडाउन की आदत सी हो गई है | अब तो कॉलेज के ऑनलाइन क्लासेस भी नहीं होते, ना ही, कुछ और चल रहा है, जिनका वर्क फ्रॉम होम चल रहा है, उनके लिये तो अभी भी रूटीन फॉलो करना जरूरी हो गया है, लेकिन फिर भी ट्रॅव्हल टाईम कम हो जाने के कारण कहीं ना कहीं जिंदगी में ढीलापन आ गया है | तो हमें इन ५ आदतों पर ध्यान देना है, जिन पर लॉकडाउन का असर ना होने पाए, क्यूँ कि लॉकडाउन तो चला जाएगा, लेकिन आदतें एक बार बिगड गई तो सुधारना मुश्किल है | ..

Missing regular college fun? Are online classes fun?

We all know the answers to these questions. The answer is YES !!! We are missing college, and NO!!! Online classes are not that fun than the usual classes. No pranks with friends, No Proxy, No bunks, No sudden movie plans, and no everyday eating junkies in the college canteen. So yes major missing happening here. ..

#BoysLockerRoom घिनौनी मानसिकता का घिनौना प्रदर्शन

इंटरनेट पर मची इस खलबली ने एक बात तो सिद्ध कर दी, हमारे देश में अधिकतर (क्यूँ कि सारे युवा एक जैसे नहीं है इसलिये अधिकतर) युवाओं को शराब की दुकान, और लडकियों की अश्लील फोटो से मतलब है | देश में सेना के जवान शहीद हो रहे हैं, कोरोना से अनेकों की मौतें हो रही हैं, कोरोना से लडने में हमारे कई युवा डॉक्टर्स, नर्सेस, बँकर्स अपनी जान जोखिम में डाल रहे हैं | लेकिन इससे किसी को क्या लेना देना, इन्हें खुशी मिलती है बस शराब और शबाब से… और ऐसी घिनौनी मानसिकता को समाज का एक हिस्सा कभी भी स्वीकर नहीं करेगा… आखरी ..

Trial By Silence : What happen next with Kali and Ponna ?

"No matter how often he resolved not to think about her, she somehow surfaced in his mind. She was there in everything. He sighed deeply, drank the rest of the meal, and wiped his mouth."..

पेन्टागॉन के व्हिडियोज के बाद इंटरनेट पर हुई मीम्स की बारिश #UFO2020 कर रहा है ट्रेंड

पेंटागॉन ने आखिरकार आधिकारिक तौर पर UFO अर्थात परग्रहवासियों की उडनतश्तरी केव्हिडियोज जारी करने के बाद इंटरनेट पर मानों मीम्स की बारिश ही हो गई | ट्विटर पर अचानच #AlienExists हॅशटॅग ट्रेंड करने लगा, और एक से बढकर एक मीम्स लोग शेअर कर रहे हैं | देखते हैं एक झलक इन मीम्स की....

लॉकडाउन में मेंटल हेल्थ बनाए रखने के लिये रखें इन ५ बातों का ध्यान

दोस्तों लॉकडाउन चल रहा है, और शायद ये आगे और भी बढे | पिछले एक महीने से हम अपने अपने घरों पर बंद हैं | ना कहीं आना जाना, ना किसी से मिलना, काम का प्रेशर, फ्यूचर की चिंता, सॅलरी का प्रेशर सबकुछ मानों एकसाथ ही हो गया है | ऐसे में आपका परेशान होना जायज है | लेकिन इस समय आपको अपनी फिजिकल हेल्थ के साथ साथ यदि किसी बात का सबसे ज्यादा ध्यान रखना है, तो वो है आपकी मेंटल हेल्थ | मानसिक तौर पर यदि आप स्वस्थ रहेंगे, खुश रहेंगे तो आपकी आधी समस्याएँ समाप्त हो जाएँगी | साथ ही आप अपने आस पास के लोगों को भी खुश रख ..

ऐ भाई जरा देख के चलो...

जरा सोचिये आप अपनी गाडी से घूमने निकले हैं और किसी चौराहे पर कोई Handsome सा लडका आपको बडे प्यार से रोकता है और कहता है कि अपना हैलमेट लगा लीजिये! अब आपको लग रहा होगा मै किसी फिल्म के सीन की बात कर रही हूं, पर ये कोई साउथ इंडियन मूवी नही बल्कि जबलपुर शहर में हर शनिवार और रविवार को होता है, जी हां सही पढा आपने हर वीकेंड पर जब आप अपने परिवार अपने दोस्तो के साथ घूमने , शॉपिंग करने या मॉल जा रहे होते है तब शहर के किसी चौराहे पर पीले रंग की टी-शर्ट पहने एक 20 साल का good-looking बंदा अपने साथियों के साथ ..

Life in the Sky.

Isn’t our Journey So much like that of an airplane? Eagerly waiting at bay for taking off in life. With a couple of exciting hopes prancing about our hearts, awaiting the minute its destination arrives...

दिल्लीतील विद्यार्थ्यांकडून घरभाडं घेणाऱ्या घरमालकांविरुद्ध होणार कारवाई

दिल्ली येथे राहणाऱ्या विद्यार्थ्यांना लॉकडाउनच्या काळात अनेक समस्यांचा सामना करावा लागत आहे. खाण्यापिण्याचे हाल होताएत, राहण्याचे हात होताएत, मात्र अनेक घरमालक या काळात देखील विद्यार्थ्यांकडून घरभाडं घेत आहेत, आणि जे विद्यार्थी त्यांना घरभाडं देत नाही, त्यांना काढून टाकण्यात येत असण्याच्या अनेक घटना समोर आल्या आहेत. मात्र यावर अंकुश लावण्यासाठी दिल्ली सरकार अशा घरमालकांविरुद्ध कारवाई करणार असल्याचे समोर आले आहे. यामुळे दिल्ली येथील विद्यार्थ्यांना दिलासा मिळाला आहे. ..

Quarantine- A chance at redemption

All the latest conversations we have at the dinner table, on phone calls or hangout (well virtual hangouts) revolves around the global pandemic, Coronavirus or COVID-19, and the quarantine situation that we are all facing. It’s barely been 2-3 weeks since a complete lockdown and people are already antsy as to when this will all end and eager to get out of the houses...

दोस्तों लॉकडाउन बढा तो भी फिकर नॉट.. बस अपना खयाल रखें...

दोस्तों दुनिया की स्थिती आप जानते ही हैं | जहाँ दुनिया भर के कई शहरों को कोरोना के कारण सील कर दिया गया है, लोग अपने अपने घरों में बंद हैं, और सोच रहें हैं कि ये कब खत्म होगा? यदि भारत की बात करें तो स्थिती अभी भी गंभीर बनी हुई है, और लॉकडाउन बढने की भी आशंका जताई जा रही है | हम आपसे यही कहना चाह रहे हैं, कि लॉकडाउन बढा तो भी आप फिक्र ना करें | क्यूँ कि यदि हम सब अपने अपने घरों में रहें, बिल्कुल भी बाहर ना निकलें तो ये संकट जल्द ही टल जाएगा | लेकिन इसके लिये जितना समय आवश्यक है, उतना देना ही पडेगा ..

Being Right…

Leftists call Narendra Modi to be fascist and RSS to be a terrorist organization. The sole reason is that they have never heard नमस्ते सदा वत्सले मातृभूमे and tried to understand its meaning. They have never attended a शाखा or learned the principles of RSS. These people will never understand that RSS is for the Rashtra which means for the Nation. The nation comes first and then other aspects...

कैसे बनाएँ लॉकडाउन का ये समय मजेदार?

हाल ही में देश के प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी ने कोरोना व्हायरस के चलते देश में २१ दिन का लॉकडाऊन घोषित किया है | और तभी से सभी के मन में बस ये ही एक प्रश्न उठ रहा है कि कैसे कटेंगे ये २१ दिन? जिन्हें वर्क फ्रॉम होम है, उन्हें काम तो करना ही है, लेकिन एक ही जगह पर बैठकर बोरियत तो होती ही है, तो क्या करें ऐसा कि ये २१ दिन का समय मजेदार बने? ..

Varied playlists, varied moods!

How well does it sound to be sitting in the gallery, sipping hot chai and listening to music? You connect the earplugs to the phone but the earplugs connect you to life and it’s staged through the tunes of songs. Your mood changes so do your song. So here is a brief list of songs to listen when happy, sad, excited, down and up high in love. ..

ओळख खेळाडूंची - १ रवी शास्त्री - भारतीय क्रिकेट संघाचा प्रशिक्षक

"In the air, Sreesanth takes it!! India win" " Dhoni! finishes off in style, a magnificent strike into the crowd" हे शब्द ऐकल्यावर आपल्या मनात एकाच व्यक्तीचा विचार येतो, ती व्यक्ती जी भारताच्या प्रत्येक महत्त्वाच्या क्षणी समालोचन करत असे. बरोबर ओळखलंत, रवी शास्त्री - प्रत्येक महत्वाच्या क्षणांमध्ये सहभागी असलेला माणूस...

नए साल का पहला सप्ताह और रेसोल्यूशन...

वर्ष 2020, नए साल की पहली गलती ये तारीख सही लिखना थी ना! मेरी भी! खैर! जनवरी शुरू होकर 10 दिन हो चुके हैं और मेरे ख्याल से अब तक लगभग हम सभी को 2020 लिखने की आदत लग चुकी हैं! और अब, बात जब आदतों पर आ ही गई है तो इसी विषय को लेकर आगे बढ़ें? नया साल कहते ही अक्सर दो ऐसे विषय हैं जिनके बारे में चर्चाएं होती हैं – नए साल की पार्टी और नए साल के रेसोल्यूशन! तो चलिए आज इसी विषय पर बात करते हैं!..

A letter to self...

New year, new beginnings, new challenges and what not! We have seen a lot of WhatsApp forwards, inspiring stories and everything of that kind. It feels really optimistic to see people staying happy and helping others to match the speed of life. But my question stays, is it really needed?..

आपली लाडकी तोत्तोचान

लहानपण म्हटलं की गोष्टी आल्याच. आजीच्या गोष्टी, पंचतंत्र्याच्या गोष्टी, महाभारताच्या गोष्टी, रामायणाच्या गोष्टी. मात्र काही गोष्टी आणि काही पात्र आपल्या डोक्यात अगदी घट्ट बसतात. तशीच गोष्ट आहे या तोत्तोचानची. तोत्तोचान हे मूळ जपानी भाषेत लिहिलेलं पुस्तक आणि त्याच्या लेखिका आहेत तोत्सुको कुरोयानागी. याचा अनुवाद केला आहे चेतना सरदेशमुख गोसावी यांनी. आज जागतिक पुस्तक दिनानिमित्त एखाद्या आवडत्या पुस्तकाविषयी लिहीण्याची इच्छा असल्या कारणाने यामध्ये "तोत्तोचान" ची निवड झाली...

नये साल का रेसोल्यूशन..

वैसे तो हर साल हम नये साल का कोई ना कोई रेेसोल्यूशन करते हैं| किसी को वजन कम करना होता है, कोई हेल्दी लाइफस्टाइल अपनाना चाहता है, तो कोई नयी आदत | लेकिन अक्सर ऐसा होता है कि ये रेसोल्यूशन नये साल के पहले कुछ दिन तो टिकते हैं, लेकिन बाद में हम भूल जाते हैं, और फिर अगले साल नये साल के साथ नया रेसोल्यूशन आ जाता है | तो इस साल क्या करना चाहिये? कोई रेसोल्यूशन बनाना चाहिये या नहीं? ..

Hostelites के बीच में फसे हुए Localites

Enjoying birthdays at 12, dancing on the most energetic songs and singing the stupidest tunes has ought to be so much fun. Being a localite, I always had that type of attraction of staying at the hostel and enjoying the freedom. No parents to shout at you saying," Chal, abhyaas kar." ("Go and Study")..

Anti-government is the new cool.

students tend to create or make the opinions on social or political topics very easily. Rather than reading or researching properly, they decide their side depending upon what most of the people are doing...

अखेर फिरोदिया करंडक संयोजन समितीने निर्णय घेतला मागे..

काल फिरोदिया करंडकाच्या फॉरमॅट मध्ये झालेल्या बदलानंतर जनतेच्या तिखट प्रतिसादामुळे अखेर आज फिरोदिया करंडकाच्या निर्णायक समितीने आपला निर्णय मागे घेतला आहे. ..

टाईम मॅनेजमेंट के ५ सबसे आसान तरीके...

आज की भाग दौड की जिंदगी में समय संभालना बहुत ही मुश्किल हो गया है | स्कूल, कॉलेज, ऑफिस, क्लासेस, घर, कामकाज और आपकी हेल्थ, यह सब समय के साथ संभालना एक कसरत बन गया है, लेकिन यदि हम अपने कामों को प्रायोरोटाईज करें अर्थात आवश्यकता के अनुसार सेट करें, तो हम अवश्य ही टाईम मॅनेजमेंट में मास्टरी हासिल कर सकते हैं | ..

Ashiksha ka dhuaa..

‘Aajkal iss shahar ko hua kya he, charo taraf ashiksha ka dhuaa hee..!!’.This is not an over exaggeration I hope. Sorry, if at all it felt like..! But eventually that one line is enough to explain that the youth today is not very powerful although being intellectual or capacitated to be worth. Why this is so..? Has anybody ever thought..? I don’t think so...

College life.. A blessing !!

  Okey so everyone gives the same answer (especially the guys) when someone asks a question what is the best phase of your life? Majority people will answer the same. “College life”. Now if we ask why? Only a person who is no longer ..

काश्मीरमध्ये शिक्षणाचा विकास करण्यासाठी पुण्याने टाकले एक पाऊल पुढे

धरतीवरील स्वर्ग कुठे आहे असे विचारल्यावर आपल्या डोळ्यांपुढे काय येतं? तर ते म्हणजे काश्मीर. प्रकृतीने जर देशातील कुठल्या भागाला भरभरून दिले असेल तर ते म्हणजे काश्मीर. तर असे हे काश्मीर आता पर्यंत दहशतवाद, भ्रष्टाचाराच्या विळख्यात अडकले होते. मात्र आता कलम ३७० रद्द झाल्यावर तेथील परिस्थिती बदलण्याचा निश्चय आपल्याच काही बांधवांनी, काही संस्थांनी केला आहे. आणि काश्मीरमध्ये आता शिक्षणाचा योग्य विकास व्हावा यासाठी आपल्या लाडक्या पुण्याने एक पाऊल पुढे टाकायचं ठरवलं आहे.  काश्मीरबद्दल सरकारच्या महत्वाच्या ..